Christmas Money: NFL Week 16 Picks

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks play one of the biggest games of the year against the 49ers.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks play one of the biggest games of the year against the 49ers.

It’s the Friday before Christmas and The Cover 4 is giving away free gifts. Yup, we are giving you the weekly dosage of NFL picks. While some of us have been in the money, others (cough Long Island Sound cough cough) lost his whole trust fund after a disastrous week 15. Thats why I love football because anyone can win any week; I think I say that all the time.

I am sad that the NFL regular season will be over and we won’t be bringing you all of the NFL picks and predictions BUT we will be coming out with a number of awesome articles. We want to be different and we are going to show you why The Cover 4 is different!

This weeks Cover 4: PIT, KC, WASH, NYG 


Atlanta Falcons (-3½) @ Detroit Lions

General Peppers – DET +3½ – With the NFC South locked up, and the 49ers two games back, I see no reason for Atlanta to go all in like they did against the Giants.

Jesse– DET (ML)  – I’ll take the home-dog on Saturday night. Detroit coming off an embarrassing loss (right, Kake?) will bounce back in a big way vs. #1 seed in the NFC. Detroit wins outright.

Long Island Sound – ATL -3½ – DET makng too many mistakes and ATL looking to finalize at home.

Plumb – ATL -3½ – Atlanta proven they’re a top tier team this year, why not show it in a blow out over Det.

James – ATL –3½ – I bet against ATL last week and for DET. Both moves making me look ridiculous thus I am taking ATL. 


Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (- 3½) 

General Peppers – PIT -3½ – Simple: both teams have to win this game. Pittsburgh is a better team.

Jesse – PIT -3½ – This was a tough game to handicap. I just don’t see Cincy getting over the hump, and Pittsburgh wins their 6th straight meeting.

Long Island Sound – PIT -3½ – Now or never for the Steelers.

Plumb – PIT +3½ – Love PIT especially when they have their backs against the wall. Cincy will be tough but Steelers have won 72% of the time against the Bengals and control their destiny at home. Numbers say Bengals but can’t go against the home team with everything on the line. Caution Big Ben at work.

James – PIT -3½ – The ½ point scares me as this game may be a three point game but I really think the Steelers take care of business here.


New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys (-3)

General Peppers – DAL -3 – Dallas is making the playoffs and winning the NFC East. Their playoff run starts here.

Jesse – NO +3 – Dallas finally has momentum heading into a must win game. If you can trust this team, good luck.

Long Island Sound – DAL -3 – Porous D veruss offense with all the potential.

Plumb – NO +3 – My trap game of the week. Saints play spoiler in this one.

James – DAL -3 – I usually bet against the Dallas in any big game but the Saints have struggled plenty this year. Dallas getting hot at the right now.


Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers (-12½) 

General Peppers – GB -12½ – Green Bay getting healthy at the right time. Hello Jennings/Matthews/Nelson.

Jesse – TEN +12½ – Green Bay, after battling hated division rival Chicago last week, must get ready for a bad Titans team who needed 5 turnovers to beat the spiraling Jets. Following this week’s game, Packers must game plan to try to stop AP and his record breaking mentality in Minnesota. What does all this mean? Your classic sandwich game.

Long Island Sound – TEN +12½ – NFL and that many points? CJ will be able to work veruss the Packer D.

Plumb – TEN +12½ – I honestly hate NFL spreads over 10 pts. However, GB gets Matthews back which is a huge defensive boost, but they don’t have anything to play for so Titans in this one.

James – TEN +12½ – The Packers have all the weapons and will probably win but they have clinched the division. Expect Tennessee to cover.


Indianapolis Colts (-7) @ Kansas City Chiefs

General Peppers – KC +7 – Indianapolis is a mediocre road team.

Jesse – KC +7 – Andrew Luck has 18 INTs on the year, 13 of which came on the road. I expect both teams to make mistakes and the Chiefs to cover the TD.

Long Island Sound – KC +7 – Andrew Luck away.

Plumb – KC +7 – Andrew luck has really proven his worth this year but 7 is a lot of points to lay on the road. Numbers say this is a 5 point game. KC pulls the backdoor cover in this one.

James – KC +7 – Shall I even echo what everyone else is saying? Luck has to prove he can play well on the road; tough environment in Arrowhead.


Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-4½) 

General Peppers – BUF +4½ – Miami is in a free fall and looking more for a higher draft pick. Buffalo better than you think.

Jesse – MIA -4½ – Miami, who beat Seattle at home 4 weeks ago, will contain C.J. Spiller and cover the spread.

Long Island Sound – MIA -4½ – Buffalo D is horrible. 

Plumb – MIA -4½ – Miami is in win or go home mode. They have a slim chance to make the playoffs but there is a chance which can make them dangerous, and what a better team to push around than the volatile Bills. Tannehill gets it done in this one and fins too tough at home.

James – BUF (ML) – How many times will I get Miami wrong. At this point, I’m going Buff ML on the road. Dumb? Maybe but I am taking a risk.


San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets (-2½) 

General Peppers – SD +2½ – Greg McIlory. That is all.

Jesse – SD +2½ – Well the Jets benched Mark Sanchez; that should solve all their problems. I don’t have a strong lean but this Jets team is bad and favored.

Long Island Sound – SD +2½ – Charger seem to go against conventional wisdom with traveling across the country.

Plumb – SD +2½ – Man do I hate the Jets this season. One week they look good, the next Sanchez throws 4 INTs. McElroy get the start which means Christmas comes early for the Chargers. My Game of the week.

James – SD +2½ – Too many unknowns for the Jets and their qb situation for me to take them this week.


Washington Redskins (-6½) @ Philadelphia Eagles

General Peppers – WAS -6½ – Philly has no need to win. Washington must win.

Jesse – WAS -6½ – RGIII fully participated in practice and is expected to start & I’m not betting against him.

Long Island Sound – WAS -6½ – The Eagles gained steam 2 weeks ago in TV, but lost it all last week.

Plumb – PHI +6½ – Nick Foles is proving to me that he can play QB in the NFL on a team that has given up. I might be the only one who hasn’t given up on the Eagles this season. Skins win with RGIII back but I think Philly can cover.

James – WAS -6½ – Like I said last week, RGIII is the key to the Redskins playoff hopes. They take care of business.


St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)

General Peppers – TB -3 – Tampa Bay elite run defense shuts down Steven Jackson leaving the Rams offense stagnant.

Jesse – STL +3 – I wouldn’t bet this game with your money, but if I had to pick a side, I’ll take the points. Tampa Bay has lost 4 straight and is now a home favorite.

Long Island Sound – STL (ML) – Rams will keep this close.

Plumb – STL +3 – Tampa is allowing 300+ passing yards a game this year and with Bradford coming off a career game last week, I don’t expect anything less from him in this one. St. Louis has something to play for in this game while the Bucs do not. Rams get back on track and getting points only sweetens the pot.

James –  TB -3 – The Buccs need to rebound and this week they will get it done at home.


Oakland Raiders @ Carolina Panthers (-8½) 

General Peppers – OAK +8½ – Bad teams with spreads over 7 = bad idea. Garbage time TDs will cover for Oakland.

Jesse – CAR -8½ – I know laying more than a TD with a 5-win team seems ludicrous, but I don’t trust Oakland traveling across country to play an early game.

Long Island Sound – OAK +8½ – Carolina doesn’t put teams away.

Plumb – OAK +8½ – Carolina has been hot as of late looking for their 3rd straight win. Oakland has been a rollercoaster of a team this year but with McFadden healthy and coming off a decent week, I see him keeping it close against Carolina. Also from my point of view, spreads over 7 for teams with mediocre offenses always favors the dog.

James – OAK +8½ – Im with Bru on this one. I think garbage time allows this team to cover the spread.

New England Patriots (-14½)  @ Jacksonville Jaguars

General Peppers – JAX +14½ – I refuse to take a spread this big.

Jesse – NE -14½ – Man, I feel sorry for Jacksonville this week.

Long Island Sound – JAX +14½ – Too many points.

Plumb – JAX +14½ – As hard as it is for me to write this analysis, 14 points is a lot for a road team to give even if they are the #1 offense in the NFL. This spread scares me but I think NE overlooks JAX as they did MIA a few weeks ago.

James – NE -14½ – A lot of points here but NE knows how to step on the gas.

Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans (-7½) 

General Peppers – MIN +7½ – Purple Jesus is determined to run for 150 on everyone. Keeps this game close single-handedly.

Jesse– MIN +7½ – I made the mistake of betting against AP last week.

Long Island Sound – MIN +7½ – Ponder wil be key with attention focused on AP.

Plumb – MIN +7½ – AP has been lights out and goes against a tough Houston front 4. However, if Vick Ballard can do it, AP should have a field day in this one.

James – HOU -7½ – I have been on the AP train more than anyone lately but I am taking Houston this week.


Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos (-13)

General Peppers – CLE +13 – Cleveland better than you think. Denver not as good as you think.

Jesse – DEN -13 – Denver is just much more well-rounded & still playing for a first round bye.

Long Island Sound – CLE +13 – Sneaky decent team.

Plumb – CLE +13 – Being from Pittsburgh, this hurts me to say, Browns actually look good. After that being said, I still hate the Browns but their defense keeps this game close. Denver giving too much in this one.

James – CLE +13 – The Browns won’t quit in this one.


Chicago Bears (-5½) @ Arizona Cardinals

General Peppers – ARI +5½ – Bears keep free-falling. Battered offensive line gets pressured by blitzing Cardinal defense.

Jesse – CHI -5½ – Bears will create turnovers and take advantage of Cardinals, who finally won a game last week (right, Kake?).

Long Island Sound – CHI -5½ – Bears force turnovers and the Cardinals turn the ball over.

Plumb – CHI -5½ – Chicago offense has been abysmal and facing a decent Arizona defense (minus the Seattle game). Arizona might be able to slow down the Bears, however I feel Chicago needs this game and will look to run it up.

James – CHI -5½ – Last week AZ made me look dumb. Two weeks in a row? Not happening.


New York Giants (-2½) @ Baltimore Ravens

General Peppers – NYG -2½ – Ravens too banged up. Joe Flacco too average and Giants still elite team.

Jesse – NYG -2½ – In this virtual pick’em game, it came down to one thing for me: Which team do I trust more? I also fully expect this game to be a shootout, so I’ll sprinkle a little cheese on OVER 47½.

Long Island Sound – NYG -2½ – Must win for the Giants.

Plumb – BAL +2½ – This is an even match-up here. Baltimore needs to show some life going into the playoffs, and I feel this is the game that will get them back on track.

James – NYG -2½ – Ravens in free fall and the inconsistent Giants know how and when to turn it on. Winners this week.


San Francisco 49ers (-1) @ Seattle Seahawks

General Peppers – SEA +1 – Seattle is unbeatable at home. Russell Wilson is Rookie of the Year.

Jesse – SF -1 – The last team to go up to Seattle and come away with a victory? Yeah, shoulda been the Packers, but it wasn’t. You guessed it, the Niners.

Long Island Sound – SEA +1 – Seahawks at home.

Plumb – SF -1 – Seattle is lights out at home this season but Harbaugh has unfinished business with Pete Carroll stemming back from the Stanford days. SF will look to run it up.

James – SEA +1 – Best home team in the league.

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James Kaikis
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Week 15 NFL Predictions – Spread ’em

The Redskins playoff hopes hinge on the health of RGIII.

The Redskins playoff hopes hinge on the health of RGIII.

You know what time it is! The favorite part of everyone’s week is here as The Cover 4 is posting Week 15 Predictions.

This week you will get predictions and analysis from five Cover 4 Sports Activists giving you a number of options to go with your picks on Sunday. As much as I love picking winners, the fans have spoken and want the spread!

The Cover 4 is dedicated to bringing the fans the ultimate experience; this is headlined by our slogan of “for the fans, by the fans”. Looking back to last week, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty for any of us, mostly myself. There are good weeks, bad weeks, and sometimes just down right ugly weeks. But, like any successful person, when you get knocked down, you get right back up and that is certainly what we will be doing.

The NFL is truly an ANY GIVEN SUNDAY league. This year especially, there is a lot of parody and inconsistency among teams. Look at the Cardinals who started 4-0 and have lost 9 in a row. Those same Cardinals beat the Patriots, who just throttled the top of the AFC Texans. Does it get any better?

A little fantasy advice for those in their playoffs or near their league championships this year: trust your gut and don’t read all of those funny websites about “who to start/sit”. Every site has their own opinion but go with your gut because this is when its time to win some money! Am I bitter? Yes as I decided to change a player in my starting lineup last minute and lost my playoff game. For all you wavier wire all-stars, great job making it this far with a terribly drafted team. We know all your picks sucked, but you were able to hunt the waiver wire in an effort to make it into the playoffs. This one’s for you.

Who doesn’t love money? I certainly do, and that’s why I’ll be following The Cover 4 this weekend for my football bets. Each week The Cover 4 will give to you our “Cover 4” parlay picks for the week. These are our must bet picks!

The Cover 4: Giants +1½, Pit -1½, Jaguars +7½, Jets +2 

Now onto the picks and analysis! (All lines from the LVH as of 12/14/12 at 8:30 pm PST)


Green Bay Packers -3 @ Chicago Bears

General Peppers – GB -3 

Jesse – GB -3 – GB owns Chicago in this rivalry of late, although I expect a battle.

Long Island Sound – GB -3 – Woodson & Mathews are back.

Plumb – CHI +3 – Green bay coming off a big Mnf win looking to get back on track face a stout bears defense lookin to rebound from last week.

James – GB -3 – Tough game to play in Soldier Field but GB is bringing back some key starters while Chicago is losing some. __________________________________________________________________________

New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons -1½

General Peppers – ATL +1½

Jesse – NYG +1½ – Giants beat good teams; ATL close calls to OAK, CAR, ARI, all at home

Long Island Sound – NYG +1½ – Take the G-Men as a road underdog.

Plumb – NYG +1½ – Atlanta is coming off abysmal loss to Carolina an now face a hot giants teams gmen defense too tough

James – NYG +1½ – Just can’t take ATL in this one. The Giants show up to play big games. __________________________________________________________________________

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints -4

General Peppers – NO -4

Jesse – TB +4 – Worst passing D in the league vs. Drew Brees spells disaster, but I dunno if we’re dealing w/ the same Brees as past years.

Long Island Sound – TB +4 – Vincent Jackson field day.

Plumb – TB +4 – Tampa bay loves blowing leads in the 4th quarter but New Orleans defense is pretty awful. Ill take the points in this one.

James – NO -4 – The Saints D is brutal and should be torched for a few this week but I think Brees makes up for it on the backend.


Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams -3

General Peppers – MIN +3 

Jesse – STL -3 – STL posts a 9-4 record ATS and gets the inept Ponder coming to town. AP will get his, but it won’t be enough.

Long Island Sound – STL -3 –  Jeff Fisher vs bad Qbs. I like the cover.

Plumb – MIN +3 – St. Louis has proven to me they have a tough defense but they haven’t faced a back like ap before. Minn barley edges rams

James – MIN +3 – I am taking Peterson and crew. I like the Rams defense but it won’t be enough to win by 3+ points. __________________________________________________________________________

Washington Redskins @ Cleveland Browns – NO LINE

General Peppers –

Jesse – CLE (NO LINE) – Washington is in a tough spot. After battling hated rival Giants to a 1-point victory two weeks ago on MNF, and going to OT vs. close-rival Baltimore, they have to travel to the lowly Browns who are playing well as of late.

Long Island Sound – CLE (NO LINE) – Hitting their stride.

Plumb – CLE (NO LINE) – Skins browns in a pickem? RGIII must be out for me to take the browns. So if his is gimme Cleveland if he isn’t gimme wash.

James – Washington (NO LINE) – I might be the only one on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon.


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins -7½

General Peppers – JAX +7½

Jesse – JAX +7½ – Miami is a TD favorite? I’ll take the Jags who’re 5-1 ATS on the road this season.

Long Island Sound – JAX +7½ – Miami isn’t reliable to bury a team.

Plumb – JAX +7½ – The battle of Florida is this week and what better time is it for henne to come back to Miami and steal on from his old team. Miami is giving to much in this game

James – JAX +7½ – I am with the rest of The Cover 4 team as I can’t pick the Dolphins to win this game by a touchdown.


Denver Broncos -3 @ Baltimore Ravens

General Peppers – DEN -3

Jesse – DEN -3 – This is a well-oiled machine poised for a deep playoff run. After this game, Denver finishes up vs. CLE & KC, both at home. I expect this to be a tough game, though. As of right now, NONE of Denver’s last 8 opponents have winning records save for 7-6 Cincy.

Long Island Sound –BAL +3 – Coming off a bad loss, and need to regain their form.

Plumb – DEN -3 – Denver and Balt clash this week in a huge Afc showdown. After Balts embarrassing loss last week after giving up all those points to wash they need a win to sustain top dog in Afc north but Peyton is too tough in this one.

James – DEN -3 – I understand Baltimore is at home but I think Denver abuses that secondary as no one can cover Thomas.


Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans -10

General Peppers – HOU -10

Jesse – IND +10 – Houston’s D (specifically passing D) has been bad as of late. Indy’s got D problems of their own, but they can put points on the board. I’ll take the TD+. This team is a legitimate 9-4.

Long Island Sound – IND +10 – Luck finds ways to cover.

Plumb – IND +10 – After Houston gettig blown out on Mnf they home to play a hot Indy try to make playoffs under for luck sake (haha).

James – HOU -10 – The line jumping from 8 to 10 is a large difference. Indy won’t have enough Luck in this one (it never gets old).


Carolina Panthers @ San Diego Chargers -3

General Peppers – SD -3 

Jesse – CAR +3 – I can’t lay points with SD. Newton has something to build on as he’s thrown 7TDs & 0INTs in the last 3 games (9.2 YPA).

Long Island Sound – CAR +3 – Cam found his form again. Bolts off a big away win – expect a letdown.

Plumb – SD -3 – Big win for car last week. I don’t see a repeat against a tough San Diego D.

James – CAR +3 – Both teams have alternated having good games and bad games this year. I am taking Carolina with the points.


Seattle Seahawks -5½ @ Buffalo Bills

General Peppers – BUF +5½

Jesse – BUF +5½ – I like the points here. Seattle will be preparing for their Sunday night battle vs. Niners the following week.

Long Island Sound – BUF +5½ – Too many big wins lately, and one of the longest trips in the league.

Plumb – SEA -5½ – After massacring the cards Seattle goes on the road to a disappointing bills team can’t go against hawks on this one

James – BUF +5½ – Lets ride the dogs!


Detroit Lions -6½ @ Arizona Cardinals

General Peppers – ARI +6½ 

Jesse – ARI +6½ – John Skelton has been demoted (again) and Lindley will start. Arizona has a ton of problems, but its rare that teams get blown out in back-to-back weeks in the NFL. These dudes are pros. AND WHY THE EFF IS A 4-9 TEAM A 6-POINT ROAD FAV ANYWAY?

Long Island Sound – DET -6½ –  I could play QB for the Cardinals right now.

Plumb – DET -6½ This looks like a trap game with the eye but then I realized Arizona doesn’t have an offense and Detroit can capitalize on that. If they cards score its because of the defense. The numbers say cards cover but I think other wise

James – DET -6½ – How can you not go this route after last week? Also, I will never let Jesse convince me that Arizona +10 is the “best play of the week”! haha SMH __________________________________________________________________________

Pittsburgh Steelers -1½ @ Dallas Cowboys

General Peppers – PIT –1½

Jesse – PIT –1½ – I cannot publicly back the schizophrenic Cowboys. Who knows which team we’ll see? Pitt is holding on dearly to that 6th seed and need this W especially if the Bengals win on Thursday. I also like Tomlin + Big Ben coming off a loss.

Long Island Sound – PIT –1½ – Ben will be ready, and Cowboys Stadium is no real advantage.

Plumb – PIT –1½ – Pittsburgh got a break last week with all the other Afc north losing and might have another one this week. Dallas is depleted and steelers have something to play for.

James – PIT –1½ – Tomlin won’t let them lose two in a row. __________________________________________________________________________

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders -3

General Peppers – OAK -3

Jesse – OAK -3 – Both of these teams are awful. Just bad, bad teams. Chiefs just lost Dwayne Bowe for the season, Oakland had 10 days to prepare for Brady Quinn & co. I’ll take the host.

Long Island Sound – OAK -3 – KC is looking towards the draft.

Plumb – OAK -3 – Probably one of the worst games on this weeks schedule but someone has to win so the number say raiders so I guess ill take that!

James – OAK -3 – The Chiefs aren’t on their high horses after an emotional few weeks.


San Francisco 49ers @ New England Patriots -4½

General Peppers – SF +

Jesse – SF + – New England played a near perfect game to beat the Texans in their “most important game in history.” Believe it or not, I expect the Niners to jump out on the flat-Pats and keep this game close.

Long Island Sound – NE -4½ – Big test for Kaep to hang with the best. Doubt he passes the first test.

Plumb – SF +4½ – Even match up this week San Fran plays NE tough.

James – NE -4½ – Did everyone just forget what New England did to the Texans? __________________________________________________________________________

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans -2

General Peppers – NYJ +2 

Jesse – NYJ +2 – I’ll take the points in the game that no one will watch this coming Monday. Jets, believe it or not, could still potentially snag the 6th seed. Titans suck.

Long Island Sound – NYJ +2 – Jets find their way to make playoff pushes.

Plumb – NYJ +2 – Jets barley beat jax and Tennessee can be tough at times however tenn is giving points so the pressure is off Sanchez.

James – NYJ +2 – If the Jets can continue to run the ball and get back to the team they were a few years ago, they can sneak into the playoff picture.

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