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Here at The Cover 4 we pride ourselves on the fact our primary goal isn’t to provide readers with a daily update on the underwear Tim Tebow has decided to roll with that particular day.  Nor do we spend time focusing on the recession of LeBron’s hairline.  We don’t care that Brett Favre texted a picture of his man region to an attractive lady reporter, in fact I think I speak for everyone here at The Cover 4 when I say I hope it worked out for him (it didn’t).  It is my honor to apply this philosophy to fantasy sports.  I’m from Boston, I promise to work “wicked hahd.”

With the start of the 2013 NFL season, fantasy owners everywhere are discussing projections and draft strategies religiously.  At this point drafts are taking place and it’s the perfect time.  The third weekend of preseason games is prime for draft day.  Imagine if you drafted before the first game of the preseason and wound up with Danario Alexander, an exciting sleeper option at WR a few weeks ago, only to learn he suffered an ACL tear and his season is over.

We promise not to list 200 players and call it a day.  Instead we’d like to offer a more in-depth approach to preparing for your draft.  You can expect round-by-round pointers and analysis as well as a very important undervalued and overvalued player portion ensuring you fully understand what you’re paying for and whether it’s worth it.  Each player you add to your team costs a draft pick, so spend wisely fellas. (To all female fantasy football owners, we love you, but you are a precious few.  Call me.)

                I want to quickly touch on scoring settings.  Please don’t get cute and go with two QB leagues or have passing TDs earn you six points each.  The traditional PPR (point per reception) scoring settings are in place for a reason.  They offer the most realistic experience possible.  Fantasy owners have full reign over their respective teams.  You are Jerry Jones or Bill Belichick to your team.  When you win, you get the credit. When you lose, you are to blame.  At least have it be as real as possible.  Fantasy football has become a way of life, a hobby to some, an investment to others.  Six points per passing TD makes Drew Brees a fire-breathing dragon who needs be the first overall pick in every draft, whereas four points levels the playing field considering QBs touch the ball on every offensive play. These “cute” leagues as I have become accustomed to calling them are the Miller Lite or Natural Ice of fantasy football.  They’re light, cheap, and no matter what anyone says, they are not enjoyable.  The traditional PPR is your craft beer. It’s full bodied, packs a punch, just a beautiful thing.  It only takes one to have you hooked.  Your taste is altered, your perception is changed.  Everything not is not that simply falls short. Take my word for it and give in to the temptation.  You’ll probably lose your marriage over it.  It’s perfect.

                In the weeks leading up to your draft you are a man on a mission.  This season you’re winning the money, the bragging rights, the shiva, whatever the prize may be, this is the year you are taking it.  During the season each week brings the latest story, a tragic injury placing you a RB short of two full-time starters or a welcomed injury where all of a sudden a RB who hasn’t left your bench all year is now the guy getting all the carries on his team.  Players come out of nowhere and it’s a race to the waiver wire to bid on an undrafted free agent.  Maybe your backup QB is facing the worst passing defense in the league and you’re pondering starting him over your mainstay who’s been great for you all year.  So many possible circumstances, so many possible outcomes, you don’t want to be kicking yourself after the draft or after you started a WR who didn’t end up playing.

Cover 4 will have you feeling confident going into your draft and sure of your weekly lineup adjustments.  That’s why we’re here.  That’s why a lot of services are here.  So far no one has separated themselves from the pack.  It’s all the same.  There isn’t a website that has truly broken down the draft process and showed you recommended strategies bringing you maximum values with all your picks.  We refuse to rank players and not explain why.  We refuse to tell you a player is a sleeper and have him cost you a fourth-round pick.  You will not be wasting your third pick on a “sleeper.”  You want to score more points than the other guy, and you want to do it every week.  We’re the PPR league, we’re the craft beer.  Cover 4 is going to level the playing field.  We’re going to change your perception.  The 2013 NFL season is here gentlemen, another year of epic fantasy football action. Let’s go.

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