The Betting Corner: NBA Finals Game 2 Jun 9, 2013

San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat 8PM (ET) ABC

(San Antonio Leads 1-0)

936031_633624763323036_1689835067_nAfter a phenomenal last 30 seconds of game 1, the Miami Heat find themselves in a 0-1hole. Watching this game and the post game press conference, I see the Heat’s ability to dominate at home slipping away from them and the attitude toward struggling teammates during the game intensify. The Spurs on the other hand are thriving on Miami’s mishaps. If they can continue to pressure Lebron and force the rest of the Heat to win games with role players, they have a great shot to bring another title to San Antonio. The key to tonight’s game will be the affectiveness of Dwayne Wade on both fronts and Tony Parker’s ability to drive to the basket. If one of these occur, we could see an evened up series on out hands or a potential sweep on the horizon. With much needed rest and playing at home in a must win game 2 for Miami, I see the Heat winning by double digits here on a heroic Lebron performance.

Miami -6

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Alex Plumb
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  1. There are a lot of hypotheticals in this write-up describing why the Heat will win Game 2. If this, if that — concluding that the [should be unanimous] MVP, LeBron, will have a big performance. The key, IMO, is that the Miami Heat are the NBA’s equivalent to the Patriots coming off a loss. They just don’t lose back-to-back games often. Last time the Heat lost back-to-back games was 5 months ago, and both losses came on the road. They lost 3 games to the Pacers last series, and in the following games, the Heat won each of those by an AVERAGE of 17.3 ppg. That’s why I like Miami here.

  2. I agree Jesse but ATS is so hard to pick because the Heat win but lose ATS so that’s why I can only make assumptions/predictions of what I think could happen.

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