Why Larry Fitz Needs To Be Like KG

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After a 58-0 loss to division rival Seattle, the Arizona Cardinals have lost nine consecutive games, dropping their record to 4-9. Yes, that means they began the season 4-0, a record that had a few people believing that placed them amongst the elite teams in the league. Those few who were so willing to look past the glaring hole the Cardinals have at the most important position in all of sports are now eating crow. Just as another writer for the site touched on Mark Sanchez possibly being the most “unfortunate” quarterback in the league, Larry Fitzgerald is so “unfortunate” he’d probably be happy to take either one of the Jets two shaky QBs.

Larry Fitzgerald is THE best receiver in the NFL. Yes, better than A.J. Green, Andre Johnson and Megatron. His work ethic is unparalleled (watch his pre-game warm-up drills), combined with his size, strength, speed and hands. Factor in his physicality and blocking ability and you have a skill set possessed by no other receiver in the League.

The last time Fitzgerald had a decent NFL QB was the Cardinals’ NFC Champion 2009 season with Kurt Warner at the helm and Anquan Boldin on the other side of Fitzgerald. That year, Fitz had 97 receptions for almost 1,100 yards and 13 TDs. The following year with Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall throwing him the ball, he caught 90 for 1,137 but only 6 Tds. Last year with Kevin Kolb and Skelton he posted a career-high 17.6 yards per catch on 80 receptions. These numbers are all in spite of having terrible quarterback play amplified by an even worse offensive line. Trading for Kolb was supposed to be the answer but he hasn’t been able to stay on the field and even if he could, it still doesn’t appear that he’s a starting QB in the NFL.

Fitzgerald signed an 8-year $120 million extension prior to 2011 season to remain loyal to his one and only team, so he will be there for the foreseeable future. It is that loyalty that may be his Achilles heel. Many may remember when Kevin Garnett was in Minnesota; it was his team, no doubt. He was one of the top five players in the league and he and Tim Duncan went back and forth as the best power forward in the NBA. Garnett wanted desperately to win in Minnesota but they were at their max potential and would never get past the likes of the Duncan’s Spurs or Kobe’s Lakers. KG realized this and before the 2007 season he did what was best for himself as a player and requested a trade.

In the NFL, trades are far less prominent and I don’t foresee Fitzgerald requesting a trade but, it is every player’s goal to win their respective championship. Garnett requested a trade and was able to win a couple of titles. As someone who values loyalty and appreciates Fitzgerald for it, I hope he takes a page from KG.

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Jonathan Van Ness
Sports Activist for The Cover 4

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