It’s Good! It’s All Good!!

The rumors are true.

I’m back to sports blogging! Watch out all you super fans, you’re about to be schooled!

Let me start by being frank.. I KNOW SPORTS BETTER THAN YOU DO. It is simple really.

I can give you a 24 year synopses in just a few moments… thanks for your time.

When I was young I watched sports center from dusk till dawn, attempted to read the sports section front to back, memorized every player on every NFL team and even made my own sports trivia questionnaire in the second grade. I was the only kid in class that didnt dream of catching the game winning touchdown pass for the Super Bowl. Why? Because I always imaged that I was the coach on the sideline or the General Manager in the press box.

Being from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I have sports engrained in my blood; sports mean everything to the city of Pittsburgh. If you aren’t from a die hard sports city, you’ll just never understand the sense of pride and community we have in our teams. We say WE and US because thats how we grow up. Sundays are for church, brunch and 1 pm kickoffs; it is even acceptable to wear your Steeler jersey to church on Sunday!

I can remember being the only kid that cared more about 40 times, bench press reps and where someone was going to be drafted then pokemon cards or the new Batman or Spider man movie (I really did like Batman though). I waited for every madden to arrive at midnight and stayed up till 7 am memorizing each players ratings. My grade school notebooks are full of trivia questions, fantasy drafts and player rankings! I literally created mock NFL  teams with a fantasy draft process in the third grade. I AM THE SOLE REASON WHY YOU CAN ONLY HAVE THREE FANTASY TEAMS PER ACCOUNT! I believe I had 27 teams on yahoo at one point; I love drafting!

Before the NFL draft became a prime time sensation, I watched all 7 rounds every single year and didnt miss a pick! In the 9th grade I could predict who was going to be drafted better than the guys on tv! I watched every second of the combine when it was on NFL Network.

As life moved forward, I drifted a little farther from my sports bank but I always knew more than most; I swear I could be a sports anchor because I predict what they are going to say more times than not. I’m a student of the game!

I wish I had more playing experience but I’m grateful for the years of coaching and developing young athletes. Football has allowed me to travel the country, meet plenty of good men and create friendships that will last forever.

Why do I keep rambling about my past? Because history is the reason we are here today; without the necessary steps of the past, one would not be in the current situation.

I bring my blog to life because I feel I have a wealth of knowledge to share. Do I say things because I read them in ESPN or do I really watch games and know whats going on? You can be the judge.

Currently, I cant sit down and have intense sports talk with many people; my lifestyle doesn’t really allow it. Thus, blogging is back.

I will attempt to cover a number of issues in hopes of comments and respondents from those who know sports just as well, if not better, than I do. I love healthy debate so get at me!

There is nothing worse than trying to talk sports with someone who is so blinded by their own fandom or ignorance to the real facts of the sport; I SPEAK THE TRUTH!

Special thanks to my friends who encouraged me to get back to writing/blogging. Although my football website is retired, WordPress is allowing everyone to read my sports rants!

Get ready because I have a lot on my mind…..

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